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Issue: DOTTED-MACRO-FORMS (Version 2)

I'm pretty neutral on this issue.

I agree Goldman's example is not very compelling. I don't see
any reason not to have done (?? WFF) rather than (?? . WFF).

On the other hand, I think macro forms are "expressions outside
the language" which the macro facility is responsible for
translating to "forms", so I could buy a little flexibility here.

But in the end there's little call for this and I think the
error checking arguments win out.

Then again, disallowing dotted lists will make &REST etc. seem
more like they are in functions. There was a deliberate attempt
to make these very syntactically similar in other ways, and I
think it's worth carrying through on it.

Since I could go for it either way, but I'm quite content with
your decision to present only the DISALLOW option (which I guess
is effectively the same as what I called EXPLICITLY-VAGUE in the
previous writeup ... I guess you've been taking lessons from the
political campaigns on "spin control" ...).