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Re: cleanup status?

A number of messages have come by referring to the "cleanup committee". 

The cleanup committee is a sub-committee of X3J13, which, as you know,
is the ANSII organization working on Common Lisp standardization.

Our process has been to solicit proposals from members of X3J13 (and
ourselves), and then make recommendations to X3J13. All decisions about
the standard must be made by the full X3J13 committee. Results of those
ballots are reported in the X3J13 minutes.

While a number of us read Common-lisp@Sail.stanford.edu, and we
frequently use it as a resource, there is no process by which issues
discussed on this list automatically become proposals for X3J13. 

Of the issues you mention, none of them have been brought up before the
cleanup committee directly. 
I believe two of the issues you mention ("which DEFxxx forms should be
processed at compile time", and "declarations in FLET/LABELS") await
some further input from other subcommittees.