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Re: Order of evaluation in general

    Date: Fri, 22 May 87 02:55 EDT
    From: Randy%acorn@oak.lcs.mit.edu

    I realize that it was explicitly stated (somewhere) that Common 
    Lisp is ignoring issues of parallelism.  Given that parellel is 
    going to be the next fad, it's probably time to start thinking about
    parallel issues.

It's certainly time for many people and many groups to be thinking about
parallel issues, and many are.  But I don't think X3J13 is the right
forum for that.  Standardization is a very different activity from
language exploration and design.  Imposing the constraints of the former
on the latter would be a mistake.  It's not time yet to standardize on
parallelism in Lisp; it's time to try things out and gain experience.
That can be done best the way Lisp has always grown: experimentation in
environments that encourage creativity and freedom, rather than the
practical constraints of ANSI standardization.