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documentation strings in BOA constructors ?

    Date: Tuesday, 19 August 1986  17:23-EDT
    From: S. Sridhar <sridhar%tekecs.tek.csnet at CSNET-RELAY.ARPA>
    Re:   documentation strings in BOA constructors ?

    Suppose you have :
       (defstruct (point (:constructor make-point (x y) "this makes a point"))
		   x y)

I think it clear that this is illegal and that there is no way to
specify doc strings in DEFSTRUCT.  Although a possible area for
extensions, it not a big problem since SETF of DOCUMENTATION can be
used to given function documentation to any function.

If we were to extend DEFSTRUCT so that the functions could be directly
documented, then the extension should apply to *all* defstruct
generated functions, and not just BOA constructors.