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proposal #1

For the Nth and hopefully last time, I guarantee you that you will not
ever have to provide multiple versions of ANY built-in function in order
to comply with proposal #1.  You will have to provide exactly one
version of each function, and that version will do full error checking
for whatever we decide is a class 2 error.  Please do not even consider
providing quick-and-dirty versions as well.  Very few implementations
will do this, since the speed gain will be neglegible in most cases.

Similarly, implementations will still be free to ignore any declarations
they want to.  If they ignore the OPTIMIZE declaration, they will be
required to signal all the class 2 errors.  If they want to cut corners
on this signalling requirement for speed or code compactness, then they
will have to consult the OPTIMIZE declarations to see if this is OK.

-- Scott