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Proposals 2, 3, & 4

     The primitive function would return a sequence something like this

    	(a b c &optional d e &rest r &key x y &allow-other-keys)
     or a keyword signifying that it doesn't have the information.

I don't like this approach at all.  It seems to make more work for
everyone and to require that all this information be carried around in
an inefficient and hard-to-parse form.

I am wavering on whether proposal 4 is a good idea in its current form.
Maybe it should be dropped from the standard or replaced with a
semi-standard form that just returns the arglist of a function or macro,
probably as a string.  But I think that we want to keep proposal 2 in
its current form as a clean portable way of getting at a function's
external calling conventions.

-- Scott