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proposals 5-14

#5: I also think the environment argument should go last, much like other
    functions currently do, and both the environment argument and the
    doc-allowed-p argument should be optional, defaulting to NIL. Returning
    the declarations without DECLARE's in them is a good idea too.

#6: I'd prefer KMP's syntax, because it's compatible and doesn't
    look like it's giving a default value to the body.

#9: I assume this really means the same symbol, not the same string as
    a name (and certainly not by EQL).

#11: Any reason why we still allow integers? If we want to keep them,
    then why not allow characters and other numbers?

#13: The restriction on not modifying code (provided by &REST and &BODY)
    sounds reasonable, but what about that given by &WHOLE? This would
    seem to follow, yet it would make displacing macros harder to implement.

    But I basically disagree with the proposal. &REST should always
    cons up a true list which the function can manipulate and return.
    CAR and CDR should work on real conses only, not temporary ones too.
    If we really want to add a language feature to avoid definite consing,
    add another lambda-list keyword and ARG/LISTIFY. Otherwise we should
    let clever software and hardware try to avoid unnecessary consing.