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Re: long-char, kanji

In Xerox Common Lisp we have char-bits-limit and char-fonts-limit set to
zero, thus we don't use this feature and would lose no sleep over its
passing.  In fact, there might be some small rejoicing but that is
beside the fact.

 From discussions here I understand that the whole problem of a
programmer-friendly font system can be quite thorny.  It seems the issue
before the CL community is to tentatively agree on removing a random
"wart" which was clearly a bad approach.  Hopefully this will allow for
a real solution to be discussed, perhaps as part of "Common Lisp ANSI
standard extension XXX".

Xerox has its own standard called NS Characters.  Xerox Lisp, Viewpoint,
Print servers, etc. have been using it happily for quite some time now.

I'd like to present the XNS Character standard's tenets but I'm not
deeply familar with them myself.  Perhaps this message will stir one of
our shy folks to speak up.

Xerox AI Systems
Palo Alto, California