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1986 ACM Lisp and Fnl Pgg Conference

                            Advance Program

                       The 1986 ACM Conference on
                         MIT, August 4-6, 1986.

Monday, August 4, 1986
Session 1.  9:00am -- 10:30am.
		Session chair: William L. Scherlis (CMU)
    Laws in Miranda.
	Simon Thompson (University of Kent at Canterbury)
    A Simple Applicative Language: mini-ML.
	D. Clement (SEMA, Sophia-Antipolis), J. Despeyroux, 
	T. Despeyroux, G. Kahn (INRIA, Sophia-Antipolis)
    Integrating Functional and Imperative Programming.
	David K. Gifford, John M. Lucassen (Massachusetts 
	Institute of Technology)

Session 2.  10:55am -- 12:35pm.  
		Session chair: Daniel Weinreb (Symbolics, Inc.)
    Experience with an Uncommon LISP.
	Cyril N. Alberga, Chris Bosman-Clark, Martin Mikelsons, 
	Mary S. Van Deusen (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center), 
	Julian Padget (University of Bath)
    Desiderata for the Standardization of LISP.
	Julian Padget (University of Bath), et al.
    Design of an Optimizing, Dynamically Retargetable 
    Compiler for Common Lisp.
	Rodney A. Brooks (MIT, Lucid, Inc.), David B. Posner, 
	James L. McDonald, Jon L. White, Eric Benson, 
	Richard P. Gabriel (Lucid, Inc.)
    The Implementation of PC Scheme.
	David H. Bartley, John C. Jensen (Texas 
	Instruments Incorporated)

Session 3.  2:00pm -- 3:40pm.  
		Session chair: John H. Williams (IBM Research)
    Code Generation Techniques for Functional Languages.
	J. Fairbairn, S. C. Wray (University of Cambridge)
    An Architecture for Mostly Functional Languages.
	Tom Knight (Symbolics, Inc. and Massachusetts 
	Institute of Technology)
    Mechanisms for Efficient Multiprocessor Combinator Reduction.
	M. Castan, M. -H. Durand, G. Durrieu, B. Lecussan, 
	M. Lemaitre (ONERA-CERT)
    The CURRY Chip.
	John D. Ramsdell (The MITRE Corporation)

Session 4.  4:05pm -- 5:45pm.  
		Session chair: Mitchell Wand (Northeastern University)
    Variations on Strictness Analysis.
	Adrienne Bloss, Paul Hudak (Yale University)
    Expansion-Passing Style: Beyond Conventional Macros.
	R. Kent Dybvig, Daniel P. Friedman, Christopher T. Haynes
	(Indiana University)
    Hygienic Macro Expansion.
	Eugene Kohlbecker, Daniel P. Friedman, Matthias Felleisen, 
	Bruce Duba  (Indiana University)
    Exact Real Arithmetic:  A Case Study in Higher Order Programming.
	Hans-J. Boehm, Robert Cartwright, Mark Riggle (Rice University)
	Michael J. O'Donnell (University of Chicago)

    INVITED TALK: The History of Lisp
	John McCarthy (Stanford University)

Tuesday, August 5, 1986.
Session 5.  9:00am -- 10:40am.
		Session chair: Rodney Brooks (MIT)
    Reconfigurable, Retargetable Bignums: A Case Study in 
    Efficient, Portable Lisp System Building:  
	Jon L. White (Lucid, Inc.)
    LISP on a Reduced-Instruction-Set-Processor.
	Peter Steenkiste, John Hennessy (Stanford University)
    Partitioning Parallel Programs for Macro-dataflow.
	Vivek Sarkar, John Hennessy (Stanford University)
    NORMA:  A Graph Reduction Processor.
	Mark Scheevel (Burroughs Corporation)

Session 6.  11:05am -- 12:20pm.
		Session chair: Mark Wegman (IBM Research)
    The Four-Stroke Reduction Engine.
	Chris Clack, Simon L. Peyton Jones (University College London)
    On the Use of LISP in Implementing Denotational Semantics.
	Peter Lee, Uwe Pleban (The University of Michigan)
    Semantics Directed Compiling for Functional Languages.
	Hanne R. Nielson, Flemming Nielson (Aalborg University Center)

Session 7.  2:00pm -- 3:15pm.
		Session chair: Gilles Kahn (INRIA)
    Connection Graphs.
	Alan Bawden (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Implementing Functional Languages in the Categorical 
    Abstract Machine.
	Michel Mauny, Ascander Suarez (INRIA)
    Connection Machine LISP:  Fine-Grained Parallel 
    Symbolic Processing.
	Guy L. Steele, Jr., W. Daniel Hillis (Thinking 
	Machines Corporation)

Session 8.  3:45pm -- 5:45pm.
		Panel chair: L. Peter Deutsch (Xerox PARC and 
				CodeSmith Technology, Inc.)
    PANEL: Object Oriented Programming in Lisp.

Wednesday, August 6, 1986.
Session 9.  9:00am -- 10:40am.
		Session chair: David MacQueen (Bell Laboratories)
    The Mystery of the Tower Revealed:  A Non-Reflective 
    Description of the Reflective Tower.
	Mitchell Wand (Northeastern University),
	Daniel P. Friedman (Indiana University)
    A Type-Inference Approach to Reduction Properties and 
    Semantics of Polymorphic Expressions.
	John C. Mitchell (AT&T Bell Laboratories)
    Equations, Sets, and Reduction Semantics for Functional 
    and Logic Programming.
	Bharat Jayaraman (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
    Towards a Semantic Theory for Equational Programming Languages.
	Satish Thatte (The University of Michigan)

Session 10. 11:05am -- 12:20pm.
		Session chair: Richard P. Gabriel (Lucid, Inc)
    A Protocol for Distributed Reference Counting.
	Claus-Werner Lermen, Dieter Maurer (Universitat 
	des Saarlandes)
    A Semantic Model of Reference Counting and its Abstraction.
	Paul Hudak (Yale University)
    Distributed Copying Garbage Collection.
	Martin Rudalics (Institut fur Mathematik)

End of conference.

CONFERENCE CHAIR:  Richard P. Gabriel (Lucid, Inc)

PROGRAM CHAIRS: William L. Scherlis (CMU), John H. Williams (IBM)


	Rodney Brooks, MIT
	L. Peter Deutsch, Xerox PARC and CodeSmith Technology, Inc.
	Gilles Kahn, INRIA
	David MacQueen, Bell Laboratories
	J. Alan Robinson, Syracuse University
	William L. Scherlis, CMU
	David Turner, Kent University
	Mitchell Wand, Northeastern University
	Mark Wegman, IBM Research
	Daniel Weinreb, Symbolics
	John H. Williams, IBM Research

Conference brochures are now being mailed by ACM.   The early
registration deadline is July 7.