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Package Naming Conventions

 From time to time I have had to deal with 3 programs that were in the
COMPILER package. Obviously all three were compilers. One was lispmachine
native, and the other two cross compilers. In the LMI software, and most likely
in the TI and Symbolics too by pedigree, the package NAME space is 
potentially nested, so you can set up packages that shadow other package
names. Then package names can be used a bit more like one uses directory
names in an operating system, it makes sense to nest them, FOO:BAR:BAZ:SYMBOL.
(Search rules and ACLS anyone?)

You probably want to introduce such a feature into your system, so then
at least users will be able to port code without package name conflicts.
Look at the bright side, at least on a VAX you can run more than one
lisp environment at the same time on the same machine.