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Re: The ~C format directive

    From: "BACH::GREEK" <greek%bach.decnet@hudson.dec.com>
    Subject: The ~C format directive

    Does anyone have a guess as to what the ~C format directive (without any 
    modifiers) is supposed to do?  CLtL says "prints the character in an 
    implementation-dependent abbreviated format."
    At least one person has said they think it should just throw the 
    character at the terminal, as with ~A.
I agree.
    Currently, VAX LISP prints it like ~S would, abbreviating any control 
    bits down to one letter.  This seems right according to the rationale 
    given under the description of ~C.  But then one can't use any variant 
    of ~C to just throw the character at the terminal.
~@C should be used to print a char. in a readable way (i.e. "like ~S
    Any opinions?
    - Paul
	-- Nick