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package names

If it is clear that package names should be different between
implementations, how do we assure that they are different?  Have
each implementation insert a vendor or system prefix (e.g. DEC-EDITOR::,
SYMBOLICS-EDITOR::, PSL-VAX-UNIX-EDITOR::)?  Ick.  Or require, as Paul 
Anagnastopoulos has suggested, that package names be registered?  It 
seems like this can easily become an intractable problem.  There will be lots
of editors and debuggers and other programs.  I accept the arguments for
encouraging that implementation-specific, accessible, functions be in
packages uniquely named for each implementation, but the only naming
conventions which come to mind are the two mentioned above.  Does anyone
have any other suggestions?

Regarding the functions which Guy suggested for generating functions -
they don't seem any more weird than the functions that they generate.

Beryl Nelson