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ISO Standard

The 21 November issue of Computer Weekly (one of the UK "computer comics")
had a short article on a recent ISO meeting in Paris, entitled "Three
language standards come closer".  One of the languages was C, and the 
ISO would use the ANSI draft standard as a basis.  The other two were
Prolog and Lisp:

	At the Paris meeting ISO also set up a study group to
	standardize the artificial intelligence languages, Lisp
	and Prolog.
	This group is to be chaired by Bob Mathis, who has been
	closely involved in the development of the Ada standard.
	The artificial intelligence group will report by Sept.
	1986 to the ISO on the need for standards in the Lisp
	and prolog languages.

They go on to say "the UK and France are already well advanced towards
a Prolog standard" but say nothing more about Lisp.

Does anyone know anything about this?