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implicit blocks

 From our reading of the manual, it appears that while functions defined
by DEFUN have an implicit BLOCK around them, functions defined by FLET
and LABELS do not.  Several people here have been discussing this, and
the concensus seems to be that FLET and LABELS functions really ought to
set up such a block implicitly, both for uniformity with DEFUN and for
the same reasons that DEFUN does so in the first place.

I don't recall ever hearing this issue discussed.  I don't think that
omitting the implicit BLOCK from FLET and LABELS was intentional.  If
I'm wrong about these points, please let me know.  If we develop a
procedure for making small language definition changes, I think this one
ought to be made.  Fortunately, it seems highly unlikely that the change
would break any existing programs.