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Meeting: The Details

After much hassle and complaint, terror and theats; after a month
of ill-feelings and fights, I've scheduled the Common Lisp meeting
for specific days, at a specific place, and I am sending out the message
essentially 1 month ahead of time.

I know some of you will not like the details I have settled on.

The meeting will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Decembers 9, 10,
and 11; at:

	Boston Marriott Hotel Copley Place
        110 Huntington Avenue
	Boston, Massachusetts 02117

The room will be ours from 8:30am until 6:00pm each of those days.
There is a block of rooms at that hotel set aside for us. I understand
that it is a fancy hotel, and the rooms are not cheap, even with
the discount I got for the meeting. The rooms are $100 single and
$115 double, which is $60 off the regular rate. When you make your
reservations, specifically mention the Common Lisp meeting.

The block of rooms will be held for us until November 25, and
they can be booked for the evenings of Decemeber 8, 9, 10.

The usual caveats apply to this hotel: a reservation without
a guarantee will only hold the room until 6:00pm of the evening
of your arrival. A guarantee is usually an American Express card

The meeting room will hold 250 easily, but I understand that up to
350 could fit. The sessions will be sequential, not parallel.

There is a non-zero chance that DARPA will not be able to pay for the
meeting room; the hotel doesn't seem to want to give it to us free
if we fill up 75 rooms, which is unusual - they claim they need closer
to 200 filled by us to give us such a large meeting room. In the event
DARPA will not help us out, I will be approaching the vendors for contributions
towards the meeting room. For now, Lucid is fronting the money.

We can get coffee and pastry delivered to the meeting room in the mornings,
but it will also cost us. To do that would cost about $7.75 per person. 
Is there an interest in this happening? If so, I will go ahead with the
arrangements, and perhaps you'll be dunned later. 

The major topics as I see them are:

	1. Charter
	2. Adoption of changes discussed on this list
	3. Plans for a second edition
	4. Public Domain/Online manual
	5. Object-oriented programming 
	6. Windows
	7. Error Handling
	8. Validation

I expect specific proposals to be discussed for topics 1, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Vendors and implementation groups are allowed to send 2 voting individuals
(3 official repesentatives altogether), user groups are allowed to send 1
voting individual (2 official representatives altogether), and individuals
of standing in the community are allowed to attend and possibly vote.
Groups that are not implementing a Common Lisp, but who are proposing a
standard in some area which they intend to implement, are allowed to send
2 voting members for that session only.

Any one of Scott Fahlman, Guy Steele, or myself is allowed to grant
an individual standing in the community for the purposes of attending
the meeting as a voting individual. 

I will allow into the room any observers up to a number which,
added to the voting and accessory repesentatives, leaves the room
comfortable. Thus, a vendor can send more than 3 people, but only
3 will be guaranteed spots in the room.  In general, only the
official representatives and the qualified voting individuals will
be allowed to speak.

I hope we have a pleasant and productive meeting. See you all in
1 month.