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More corrections to CLtL

I've found several printing bugs in the format chapter.

1) The code on p. 394 to show the scale factor doesn't work.  It
should be something like:

(dotimes (k 13)
  (format t "~%Scale factor ~2D:~:* |~13,6,2,VE|"
          (- k 5) 3.14159))

Ie, Missing % at the beginning and a missing ~:* to back up to the
scale factor again (or add (- k 5) as a third arg in the second
position and don't include the ~:*).

2) The output to this code with scale factor of 7 is missing a 0 after
the decimal point.  Ie.  |3141590.0E-06|, not | 3141590.E-06|.

3) The format expr in the function definition of FOO (on p 396) is
missing a 4th x arg.

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