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We now have a small collection of public-domain programs in Common
Lisp, with documentation, for our local users at CMU.  Many of these
things depend on features only present in the Perq and the Accent
operating system, though in many of those the dependencies are minor and
easily worked around.  Some things are fully portable Common Lisp.  A
couple of biggies (OPS5, a portable Flavors implementation, a drawing
program, and a Lisp-based shell for Spice) will be in there soon, but
are not there now.

Right now this stuff lives on CMU-CS-SPICE in /usr/spice/library/lisp.
Since anonymous FTP doesn't work on this machine, I'll try to copy this
stuff over to CMU-CS-C sometime soon, and will let people know when this
is done.

This is just a start, of course.  Once we have enough things to justify
the split, I'll create separate directories for truly portable things
and those that depend on some aspect of Perq/Accent.  If anyone has any
portable code to contribute, feel free to send it to me, but only if it
is public domain or if you can grant us the rights to pass this code out
to anyone who wants it.

-- Scott