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Any complete CL implementations??

At this time, has anybody completely 100% implemented Common LISP
on any machine at all? I mean every single function in the manual
without exception, every single feature in the manual (either as
documented in manual or as amended more recently for next edition)
for each such function, and every general capability such as all
datatypes and closures of lexical variabls etc. etc.?

If not, what is the best anybody has done to date? Would anybody with
at least 50% of Common LISP (by some reasonable way of measuring)
please send me a brief description of their implementation (CPU and
operating system, % of CL implemented, list of major capabilities
not implemented yet) for my curiosity?

SCORE's mailbridge doesn't put correct return address, so reply via any of:
Local on IMSSS: REM
Anywhere on SU-NET with PUPMAIL: REM@IMSSS
Anywhere on Arpanet: REM%IMSSS@SCORE
Anywhere else on TCP/IP Arpa-Internet: REM@MIT-MC.ARPA (forwards to IMSSS)