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behavior of mapping

    Date: 22 Sep 83 17:51:30 EDT
    From: Charles Hedrick <HEDRICK at RUTGERS.ARPA>
    ...  But there are some assumptions that we know from experience are
    made so universally that we ought to at least consider that the users
    might be right and we might be wrong.... it would be irresponsible
    to leave in something I know will cause most users to write
    untransportable programs, ...  I can tell you from experience that
    users do in fact depend upon the exact semantics of mapping functions....

"will cause MOST users to write untransportable programs"?

I don't think I have EVER met a user who depended this closely on the exact
semantics of any function that takes a functional argument.  In fact, my
experience has been that users generally exhibit good sense about such
issues.  I suggest that that good sense be reinforced by inserting a
paragraph in the manual explaining briefly that functions that take
functional arguments generally will behave unpredictable if their arguments
are diddled before they are done with them.